Glee’s Heather Morris Shows Off Her Sexy Dance Moves (Video)


Heather Morris is known for her role of Brittany on “Glee” but is shaking what her mama gave her for Esquire magazine.   Check out the video below!

Glee’s Heather Morris shows off some of her hot dance moves for Esquire’s ’50 Songs Every Man Should Be Listening To.’

Morris sheds her robe, revealing a skin tight black leotard, and shakes her money-maker to various songs.

Heather’s first love is dance and she even was a backup dancer for Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” single.   The show’s producers brought her in originally to teach that particular dance but made her a member of Glee’s cast.

Here’s Heather dancing in a sexy video for Esquire:

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Images: Esquire/news


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