Dennis Quaid Opens Up About Cocaine Addiction


Dennis Quaid says his “greatest mistake” was becoming addicted to cocaine when he was younger.

Actor Dennis Quaid, 57, said he began experimenting with drugs when he moved to Hollywood trying to make it as an actor in the 1970s.

Quaid became addicted to coke and continued using until the late 1980s.

These days the actor realizes how stupid his behavior was and how his drug use influenced his decisions.

Dennis wrote for Newsweek magazine and revealed: “My greatest mistake was being addicted to cocaine. I started after I left college and came to Los Angeles in 1974. It was very casual at first. That’s what people were doing when they were at parties . Coming from where I came from – from Houston into Hollywood – and all of a sudden this success starts happening to you, I just didn’t know how to handle that. Doing blow just contributed to me not being able to handle the fame.”

Dennis said that by the time he filmed the movie “The Big Easy” in 1987 he was so addicted to cocaine that he was only getting “an hour of sleep a night”.

The actor, who has three-year-old twins with his wife Kimberly, stated, “That time in my life actually chiselled me into a person. It gave me the resolve and a resilience to persevere in life. If I hadn’t gone through that period, I don’t know if I’d still be acting. In the end, it taught me humility. I really learned to appreciate what I have in this life.”

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