Courtney Love Bashes Kelly Osbourne



Courtney Love is lashing out against Kelly Osbourne, after she claims Ozzy’s daughter and Joan Rivers called her a “crackhead” on the E! show, “Fashion Police”.

Hole rocker Courtney Love is pissed off at Kelly Osbourne, who is currently the face of Madonna’s Material Girl fashion line, after Kelly and comedian Joan Rivers referred to Love as a crackhead.

Love took her gripes to the website to respond to their drug allegations.

Courtney insists she has been sober since 2005 and said she was really hurt by their comments.

The singer said, “Kelly Osbourne and Joan Rivers called me a crackhead on the E! channel. Kelly knows I’m sober. Kelly knows there’s no drugs allowed at my house. I think it’s really lame.

“Kelly and me get along great… but it’s gross. I don’t like being the punchline for drugs when I don’t do them, so stop it.”

The Hole singer went on to claim that she saved Osbourne’s life when the reality TV star was battling drug addiction and misuse: “I’ve saved her life twice. I’ve done Cpr, I’ve put things in her boobs. (She was on) Oxycontin, cocaine, foaming at the mouth.”

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