Aww…Poor Charlie Sheen! Actor Dumped By Goddess!


Charlie Sheen revealed at his Fort Lauderdale performance of his comedy show that his girlfriend Rachel Oberlin (aka Bree Olson) had dumped him via text message.

Charlie Sheen was asked at his comedy show on Saturday night about handling two women when Sheen revealed, “Not well, because one left.”

Sheen said that Bree Olson had left his goddess clan.

Charlie admitted the former porn star had ended the relationship by a text message.   Now Charlie is down to one goddess, Natalie Kenley.

But the actor didn’t seem too upset about being dumped, even reaching out to troubled actress Lindsay Lohan, saying, “I would hug her and let her know it’s gonna be OK.”

Comedian Jeff Ross joined the actor on stage in Florida, saying the he is accustomed to   roasting “classier people” and talked about Sheen’s claims of “winning”.

“If you’re winning there must be something wrong with the scoreboard,” Ross joked.


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