Alex Pettyfer Seems Like A D**k!


“I Am Number 4” actor Alex Pettyfer sat down for an interview with VMan magazine, showing off his potty-mouth and douchebaggery.   Check out what he had to say!

Actor Alex Pettyfer, 21, sounds like a pretty obnoxious guy.

Why?   Well for starters he revealed to VMan magazine that he has a tattoo in his crotch area that reads “Thank You”.

Pettyfor was asked why his ink says “Thank You”, and he replied, “In case I forget to say it.”

See what we mean about being a douche?

The actor was told by the interviewer that everything he said would be included in the magazine. But Pettyfer didn’t give a rip, saying it was “f**king funny”.

Then Alex went on to bash Los Angeles if that wasn’t enough.

“L.A. is growing on me a little bit but it’s still a sh** hole,” Pettyfer stated. “I think it’s this insidious pool where nearly everyone lives in fear. Geographically it’s fantastic, but socially it’s disgusting. I wish they’d run all the c*nts out.”

“I really don’t give a s–t about any of that,” Pettyfer continued. “I wish I had some interesting stories about living in L.A., but mostly I just do my work and then go home.”

Sounds like a nice guy huh?


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