Actress Reveals Robert Pattinson Is “So In Love” With Kristen Stewart



Robert Pattinson is reportedly “in love” with Kristen Stewart, according to the actor’s “Water for Elephants” c0-star Donna Scott.

Actor Robert Pattinson has dated his “Twilight” co-star Kristen Stewart for around two years, but have tried to keep their relationship on the down-low.

Donna Scott, who appears with Robert in the movie “Water for Elephants”, confirms his relationship with Kristen, telling OK! magazine,   “He obviously loves his lady very much.

“He was so lovely from the very beginning, very open about sharing stories of his life and his family. He loves his family very much.”

But Donna also admitted she did enjoy their onscreen kiss in the movie.

The actress revealed, “I did kiss him. It was wonderful. It was very sweet. My character’s bawdy, so it was a lot of fun to get to do that and I think his response to me being bawdy was genuine. It was perfect.”

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have remained coy on the subject of their relationship, but Robert does say he is a romantic.

In an interview, he was asked if he is romantic, and replied,   “I guess I am when I like someone, I like being in love with people and yes, I guess I am quite sensitive to things.

“It’s important to preserve any mystique you have and also I just don’t feel it’s anyone else’s business.”

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