Actor Nicolas Cage Busted In New Orleans…Bailed Out By Dog Chapman


Nicolas Cage was arrested early this morning in New Orleans, Louisiana and is facing domestic violence charges.

Quirky actor Nicolas Cage was involved in an argument with his wife, Alice Kim, in the street at around 6 a.m. this morning, when police intervened.

Cage had reportedly been partying the night before in the French Quarter and a taxi driver called police after seeing the actor arguing with his wife.

The actor was really drunk and was refusing to go home after police instructed him to leave.   Sources said Nicolas dared police to arrest him, which they promptly did.

Cage was booked on one count of domestic violence and one count of disturbing the peace.

“Dog the Bounty Hunter” star Dog Chapman bailed the actor out of jail, putting up the required $11,000 bond.

Dog’s wife, Beth Chapman, tweeted about the incident, writing, “My guy just walked out of the jail damn new Orleans 8 hours holy cow that’s a lot of time to Process one guy.”

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