Liam Neeson Cameo Cut From “Hangover 2”


Liam Neeson, who stepped in to replace Mel Gibson in a cameo in “The Hangover 2”, has now been replaced by Nick Cassavetes.

Actor Liam Neeson, 58, has reportedly been replaced in his cameo for “Hangover 2” due to scheduling conflicts. Neeson had originally been awarded the cameo to replace Mel Gibson.

Neeson’s part was cut out of the movie and is now being filmed with actor/director Nick Cassavetes as his replacement.

“Hangover 2” director Todd Phillips says that he removed the cameo immediately while editing the comedy movie, creating a gap in the sequence of events. Phillips wanted to re-shoot the scene but Neeson was already tied up filming “Clash of the Titans”.

“We were in a complete time crunch, so I called Nick [Cassavetes] and asked if he would do the part,” Phillips says. “He came in and crushed it, and that is the scene that you will ultimately see in the film.”

“Hangover 2” arrives in theaters May 26.

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