Vince Neil Goes Apesh*t In Vegas…Police Called!



Motley Crue rocker Vince Neil was reportedly acting nuts around his former girlfriend Alicia Jacobs, ending in a battery report being filed with   police.

Vince Neil apparently has a beef with his former girlfriend Alicia Jacobs, who dumped him just two weeks ago.

Sources said that Jacobs was at the Hal Sparks concert at the Los Vegas Hilton when Vince came in and started screaming at her.

The rocker reportedly screamed obscenities at Alicia and her friends.   Security at the hotel called the police department.

Jacobs told police that Neil actually became physically violent to her and one of her friends.

Police filed a battery report but Neil wasn’t arrested.

Vince just finished serving 10 days in jail last month for a DUI charge. .

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