Vince Neil & Alicia Jacobs Split


Motley Crue rocker Vince Neil’s girlfriend Alicia Jacobs has reportedly walked out on him as his house arrest is ending.

Vince Neil was released from prison on February 25 after only serving 10 days of a 15-day sentence for his DUI charge.   Neil’s house arrest ended last week.

The rocker’s girlfriend, television reporter Alicia Jacobs stood by him during his legal troubles, but decided to end their relationship.

Alicia said in a statement, “Due to the decisions Vince continues to make, it is necessary that I end our relationship of seven months. I wish him happiness and good health.”

It’s interesting that Jacobs recently interviewed Vince Neil when he was released from jail.

During the interview, Neil admitted he “made a mistake” when he got behind the wheel “after having some cocktails”.

The rocker added, “It was so easy for me not to do it; I was at a hotel, I had access to limousines, I had access to rooms. I could have just stayed at the Hilton that night, but for some reason I decided to drive home, and that was the wrong thing to do… It’s not gonna happen again.”

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