“The Big Bunny”: Hugh Hefner’s Secret Mile High Club


The King of Playboy, Hugh Hefner knows how to travel in style.   Back in 1969, at the height of his success, the perennial playboy bought a big jet dubbed “The Big Bunny.”   This jet was a souped-up ride! He had a private entrance that lead directly to his private room, complete with an elliptical bed! Mile high club? You bet! So, what else is on this jetliner? A movie theater, a dance floor, a bar, a shower stall and flight attendants known as “jet bunnies.”

Now where is “The Big Bunny” and how can you buy a ticket for it? Well, unfortunately it was sold to Venezuela Airlines.   It was renamed “Ciduad Juarez,” repainted and used for domestic Mexican routes.   “The Big Bunny” was retired in 2004.

Photos from: Playboy.com


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