Shania Twain’s Crazy Stalker Laughs At Judge In Court



Shania Twain’s stalker laughed out loud in court today when the judge ordered him to stay away from country singer Shania Twain.

Shania Twain’s stalker Dr. John Palumbo had to appear in court today, following his arrest at the Juno Awards Sunday evening in Canada.

Dr. Palumbo seemed surprised when he heard Judge John Jackson order him to stay away from the singer.   Palumbo stated, “I am in jail. How can I contact anybody? I am in jail”.

He later laughed out loud in court, stating, “You are all doing a wonderful job, Your Honour”.

Palumbo, 50, is a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon from Ottawa.   He will be held in jail until Friday at least when his bail hearing is held.

The physician has been stalking Shania, 33, for several years.   Palumbo was seen at Twain’s cottage and even traveled to her hometown of Timmins to attend her grandmother’s funeral.


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