Selena Gomez “Terrified” After Receiving Death Threats



Selena Gomez is reportedly “terrified” after receiving death threats from jealous Justin Bieber fans over her relationship with the pop star.

Selena Gomez, 18, has been targeted by jealous young ladies over her relationship with Justin Bieber, even receiving death threats.

A source revealed, “Selena’s terrified. She’s only young and when she sees things written about her, she understandably freaks out. Justin tries to reassure her, but what can he do?”

Selena has released a new song entitled “Who Says?”, which addresses the threats she has received through Twitter and Facebook.

Gomez told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show recently, “Within that world, there’s just such easy access to people’s feelings. This song is such a great message to my fans, and it really touched me when I heard it.

“Basically, it’s to the haters, it’s to the people who try to bring you down.”

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