Pete Wentz And Ashlee Simpson In Custody Battle



Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson are reportedly ready to battle one another in court over custody of their young son, Bronx Mowgli.

It appears as if Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson’s divorce is not going to be so amicable after all!

Simpson filed for divorce in February, after three years of marriage.

Pete Wentz filed a legal response to Ashlee’s divorce petition on Monday, asking for joint physical and legal custody of their 2 year-old son.

In Ashlee’s petition, she asked for sole custody of Bronx Mowgli.

Wentz also requested that they each pay their own legal fees, with Ashlee asking for Pete to pay for both of them.

Sources are reporting that Ashlee has already moved on, dating a longtime friend of estranged husband’s.

“This is her “˜f*** you’ to Pete,” a source reveals. “Ashlee thinks it was all Pete’s fault that their marriage failed. She’d never take any blame, and she wants to hurt him.”

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