Paula Abdul Calls Police On Boyfriend


Former American Idol judge Paula Abdul called police on Valentine’s Day after a heated argument with her date, after he refused to take her home.

It doesn’t seem like Paula Abdul and her beau had a very nice Valentine’s Day date, because the choreographer called 911 when he refused to take her home.

Abdul called 911 after her date refused to take her back home in Santa Barbara, California.

In the 911 call,   Paula can be heard screaming and crying, “I wanna go, and he won’t let me!”

Paula then tells her date, “Are you gonna drop me off ’cause I have emergency on the phone”, before telling the 911 operator, “He’s dropping me off.”

Police went to Abdul’s home to make sure she was alright, and she said it was just a disagreement that turned ugly.

Abdul’s rep stated,   “Arguments with loved ones are often times heated. After the call was made everything was worked out.”

You can listen to Paula Abdul’s frantic 911 call here.

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