Mickey Rooney Lashes Out At Stepson For Stealing His Oscar Statue



Actor Mickey Rooney has blasted his stepson for stealing his Oscar award and selling it to make money.

Mickey Rooney is angry at his stepson Christopher Aber for taking his Oscar and for trying to take over his financial affairs.   Rooney obtained a restraining order against his stepson and wife in February.

The actor, 90, claims his stepson has been trying to convince him to sign over control of his assets, leaving Rooney worried for his safety.

Mickey’s experience has prompted him to take on the issue of elderly abuse, even appearing before a Senate committee in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, urging politicians to make new laws to protect the elderly.

Rooney told the committee he felt “scared, disappointed… and angry” when his stepson tried to take control of his financial affairs, accusing his stepson and his wife of abusing him emotionally and financially.

The actor talked to the “Today Show”, admitting he suffered in silence for years because he was embarrassed.

He says, “As a man (I was embarrassed to speak out); our individuality was taken away from us. Our personal things, things that meant everything to us were gone. And he even sold my Oscar…”

But when he finally spoke out, Rooney felt abandoned: “It seemed that no one wanted to believe me.”

Aber has denied all allegations of abuse. In a statement Aber said, “Allegations that Chris Aber threatens, intimidates, harasses, yells and screams at Mr. Rooney are false.”

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