Lindsay Lohan Rejects Plea Deal In Felony Grand Theft Case



Actress Lindsay Lohan has reportedly decided against taking the plea deal in her felony grand theft case.

Lindsay Lohan’s jewelry theft case will now go to trial after the actress turned down the chance to plead guilty or no contest to receive a reduced sentence.

Lindsay, who was already on probation from her 2007 DUI conviction, will have to go to court for a preliminary hearing on April 22.

Dina Lohan said her daughter Lindsay was considering taking the plea deal agreement because she wanted to “get it over with”.

Dina explained, “Obviously she’s not pleading guilty.

“My children don’t steal things. But the system is so strange out in Los Angeles. We’re considering a couple of options and just want to get this over with in the shortest amount of time.

“Lindsay is up for a couple of film roles, and we want this behind us the quickest way possible. We’re speaking with the attorneys and we’ll make that decision after we talk.”


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