Josh And Anna Duggar Expecting Baby Boy



The Duggar family is expanding yet again!   Josh and Anna Duggar are expecting their second child.

Josh Duggar, 23, the oldest son of Michelle and Jim Bob, and his wife Anna, 22, are expecting a second child in June.

Anna and Josh are already parents to 17 month-old Mackynzie.

The couple had an interesting way of finding out the gender of their baby.

“We went to the ultrasound and decided that my mom would know,” Josh revealed. “We figured she could handle the secret and then have a surprise sharing of the information with the entire family, including me and Anna.”

Josh and Anna waited a week to hear the news.   “I think Anna was getting a little bit anxious and excited to know, kind of antsy,” Josh said. Anna adds, “We thought it was fun to have the whole family hear at the same time and have the excitement together, but it was hard to wait.”

The couple are planning a home birth and mulling over boy names.

The Duggar family will discover the gender of Josh and Anna’s baby together on Monday’s episode of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting”.

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Images: news/TLC


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