Is Katie Couric Shopping for a New Show?


Katie Couric’s contract with CBS News is expiring  in early June.   So, what will the veteran news anchor do next?

Well, she’s reportedly talking to other networks about hosting a syndicated TV show.   But if she stays at CBS, she will have to take a pay cut. Kiss the $15 million dollars goodbye!   She has reportedly sat down with NBC,  CNN, ABC  and CBS to discuss her next move. Sources say if she decides to do a syndicated show, it would premiere in the fall of 2012. While a syndicated show wouldn’t pay Couric a cool $15 million upfront like her CBS News contract reportedly did, but it would have the potential to be as profitable as well as successful. In case you didn’t notice, her CBS News anchor gig isn’t as successful as her 15 year tenure with NBC’s the Today Show.   But I wouldn’t worry too much about the fate of this news anchor. Couric has already branched out, she’s anchoring an online interview show and writing a column for Glamour magazine. Oh and by the way, did you not see her in the post Superbowl Glee epsiode? Couric has a bright future ahead of her.   But if she does go after daytime, it would be perfect timing, the almighty Oprah is wrapping up her show in September.

Where will you see Katie Couric next? Would you watch her on Daytime TV?



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