Danielle Lloyd Expecting Second Child



Danielle Lloyd and soccer star Jamie O’Hara are expecting their second child.

Danielle Lloyd, 27, feels like the “most fertile person in the country” after discovering she and her fiance Jamie O’Hara were expecting another baby weeks after removing her contraceptive device.

Lloyd revealed, “I didn’t plan on having another baby for at least five years. I had a coil fitted, but developed really bad pains only left side and doctors found a cyst the size of a tennis ball on my ovary, so it was removed immediately. I was pregnant within a month.

“I was shocked. If you have a cyst, it’s very hard to conceive. I must be the most fertile person in the country.”

Danielle, who is four months along in her pregnancy, was hospitalized recently but things were fine with the baby.

She stated, “I cry a lot as I’m so tired and my hormones are all over the place.

“I was rushed to hospital last week because I started bleeding. I thought I was having a miscarriage. I had a scan but I couldn’t tell Jamie as he was playing a big game. I saw the nurse’s face and thought that was it.

“She just said, ‘Everything’s fine’ and at the same time, my phone beeped telling me Jamie had scored!”

Jamie and Danielle have an 8 month-old son Archie so will definitely have their hands full!

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