Cyndi Lauper Cheers Up Stranded Passengers In Buenos Aires Airport (Video)



Singer Cyndi   Lauper helped to lift the moods of angry travelers that were stranded at a Buenos Aires airport on Friday by singing for them.   Check out the video below.

Cyndi Lauper helped calm irate passengers stranded at the airport in Buenos Aires by performing some of her hit songs.

Cyndi, 57, took over the airport microphone and performed her hit song “Girls Just want To Have Fun”.

The angry crowd began to calm down, evening joining in to sing along.

Lauper took to her Twitter later, writing,   “Ok, so chow Argentina,” she tweeted. “At airport “¦ So many delays.

Wound up being announced, wound up singing two songs for airport. A first for me. Crazy day.”

The singer had been performing in Argentina as part of her worldwide tour.

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