Charlie Sheen Bizarre Webcast (Video)



Charlie Sheen has obviously not talked enough to the media and has now taken to speaking out on what he calls “Charlie’s Korner”.   Check out the video below.

Crazy actor Charlie Sheen admitted today that maybe his strange rant on a webcast Saturday wasn’t a great idea.

“Last night was treasonous to the movement. My bad,” Sheen tweeted after his odd webcast on Saturday night.

But Sheen plans to talk more online soon anyway!

“Video solution coming soon,” he tweeted.

In another strange tweet, Charlie writes: “Check it you’ve been warned . . . a violent torpedo of truth. love or hate. do the math.”

Sheen’s webcast began with fart sounds and him talking about “winning”, ending with him saying “duh” and swigging from a sippy cup.

The actor called his webcast “Sheen’s Korner” and featured some of his friends as well as girlfriend Natalie Kenly.

Charlie had a message for his children, saying,   “Daddy loves you, and if you’re watching, tell Mom to leave the room. ” Then he adds, “It’s on.”


Here’s Charlie’s webcast, which does nothing to make him look less psycho:

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