Britney Spears’ “Crappy” Appearance On Kimmel (VIDEO)


Britney Spears has been busy promoting her new album “Femme Fatale” and was involved in a stunt with the Jackass stars on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”.   Check out Britney’s nasty skit on Kimmel below.

Britney Spears appeared on Kimmel Live in a skit with the Jackass stars entitled “Poo Cocktail Supreme”.

Johnny Knoxville and the guys from Jackass locked Britney Spears up in a porta-potty that was secured with bungee ropes.

The potty was then launched into the air as poo and urine splatters all over the singer.

Britney later tweeted, “Just did my first @jackassworld stunt with Knoxville and company. Knoxville better watch his back”¦ -Britney”

Check out Britney’s disgusting porta-potty stunt:

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