Rihanna Battling Bronchitis & Laryngitis…Will She Perform At Grammy’s?


Grammy nominee Rihanna is scheduled to perform at the awards show tonight, but is battling bronchitis and laryngitis!

Singer Rihanna is sick but still plans to perform at the Grammy awards tonight.

Rihanna tweeted on Thursday night: “Bronchitis and laryngitis boo! I’m still goin to rehearsals tho! Sunday is everything.”

It appears as if the singer is still determined to perform.   A Grammy rep, said, “We have not heard anything suggesting she isn’t making it, as far as we know she will still be performing on Sunday.”

Rihanna took to her Twitter on Saturday evening, telling Ryan Seacrest, “I’m on every med under the sun! Don’t wanna miss a thang!!!”

So it appears the “show must go on” and Rihanna will perform despite being ill.

Who are you looking forward to seeing performing tonight?

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