Owen Wilson Gushes About His Son On Leno Show (Video)


Actor Owen Wilson says his newborn son is already a “scene stealer” when he appeared on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno”.   Check out the video below.

Owen Wilson opened up about his baby boy on Jay Leno, gushing about how he steals the show.

“He’s not, I wouldn’t say, a wonderful conversationalist at this point, but he kind of doesn’t have to be, he’s so cute,” Wilson, 42, said of his 6-week-old son Robert Ford Wilson.

Wilson said of his son, “He becomes sort of a little scene stealer when he comes in the room.”

The actor compares his son Ford to screen legend Steve McQueen.   Owen said, “[He’s like] Steve McQueen in The Magnificent Seven, where he didn’t have a lot of dialogue “” you just kind of gave him the camera and he was able to hold the screen.”   Wilson adds, “I feel like Ford is heading in that direction.”

Owen talks about the lack of sleep with a baby, saying, “What they say about newborns, about [the parents] not getting a lot of sleep? That’s true,” he says. “You look at every place now as a potential nap place “¦ You’ve got to look for your chances to catch up.”

Here’s video of Owen Wilson’s appearance on Jay Leno:

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