Michael Douglas Confronts Paps After Wife Catherine Zeta Jones Gets “Punched”


Actor Michael Douglas shoved a paparazzi photographer into the street after his wife, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, was allegedly “punched”.

Michael Douglas went after photographers on Thursday night in London after his wife was hurt by a photographer that crowded around them.

As Catherine made her way through the huge numbers of photographers, she was hit in the face by one paparazzi.

Catherine made it through the door and then yelled: “How dare you touch me! I want a police officer right now. He punched me! He punched me in my face.”

The actress added, “That guy who was right here he punched me.

Michael went outside and grabbed the paparazzo and stated,   “It was you a*shole, get the f**k out of here you b*****d.”

Douglas pushed the man who replied, “It was not me.”

The entire incident was reportedly caught by “Entertainment Tonight”.

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Images: wenn.com


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