Mark Zuckerberg Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has obtained a restraining order against a man who was trying to contact him using threatening language.

Mark Zuckerberg was granted a restraining order against Pradeep Manukonda, 31, who was ordered to stay at least 300 yards away from Zuckerberg, his girlfriend and his sister.

Manukonda has shown up at several Facebook offices in California asking for money, even showing up at Zuckerberg’s home!

Police warned Manukonda about his behavior in January, but he had repeatedly attempted to contact Mark through messages sent on Facebook and in the mail.

TMZ reports that Pradeep claims he was only trying to contact Zuckerberg to ask for financial assistance for his ill mother.

Manukonda, 31, said his mother is dying and that he wanted to borrow money, promising to “repay the entire amount incurred for her treatment.”

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