Lindsay Lohan Signs On For Explicit Photography Book



Actress Lindsay Lohan has signed a deal for big bucks for an explicit photography book.

Lindsay Lohan, who is awaiting trial over the alleged theft of a high-end necklace, is having problems finding work after her recent problems.

But photographer Terry Richardson has persuaded Lindsay, 24, and her former love interest James Franco, to appear in the book, which will feature “full frontal nudity” and “graphic” shots.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Lindsay is struggling to get another break in Hollywood. There’s a stigma attached to working with her and she is determined to change this – starting with the photographic book.

“Terry Richardson has persuaded Lindsay and James to get involved. He has assured them it will be provocative but tasteful. There will be a lot of nakedness – some of it graphic and suggestive – but it will be a real statement book.

“Obviously there will be comparisons to Madonna’s 1992 ‘Sex’ book. But James and Lindsay believe theirs will be classier.”

Lohan will also be giving an exclusive nterview to talk show host David Letterman in April in hopes of rebuilding her damaged reputation.

The source added: “Lindsay wants people to see the real her, not this drunken, out of control caricature she has become.”


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