Kim Kardashian Does Beer Keg Stand To Celebrate 30th Birthday (Video)


Reality star Kim Kardashian celebrated her 30th birthday in Las Vegas, where she even swigged beer from a keg upside down!   Check out the video here!

Kim Kardashian celebrated her birthday in Las Vegas with some friends, which was filmed for the reality show “Kourtney and Kim Take New York”.

Kim was a bit sad about turning 30, telling viewers, “This is really freaking me out, it’s making me feel so old and so weird.”

Kim’s sister Kourtney, 31, got her sister in the party mood by having Kim drink from a beer keg while upside down.

“I don’t drink beer,” Kim said, adding, “The whole college keg thing seems really stupid to me”.

Kim watcher her mom Kris Jenner do a keg stand, and Kim said, “I can’t even deal with it, there are no words.”

But it was Kim’s turn and the group held her upside down to perform the keg stand as Kim spit out beer all over the floor as she giggled.

“Thank you so much, guys,for making this so much fun and teaching me that there is life after 30!” Kim told her friends.

Here’s Kim’s keg stand video:

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