Ke$ha Really Brushes Her Teeth With Jack Daniels?


Ke$ha spoke to Vanity Fair magazine about her career, Grammy snub, and brushing her teeth with Jack Daniels.

Singer Ke$ha spoke to Vanity Fair magazine about her hard-partying ways and was asked if she was making up the part about “brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack” as in her song “Tik Tok”.

And apparently she wasn’t making it up!

“Absolutely not!” she stated in her interview. “Jack Daniels is an anti-bacterial and it’s way better than morning breath. Let me put it this way, if you wake up naked in a bathtub and you have the choice between rinsing out with Jack Daniels or trying to make out with some dude with morning breath, I would recommend picking up the Jack.”

The singer also talked about being snubbed at the Grammy’s this year.

“I was disappointed that I didn’t get nominated,” she admitted. “But I’ve only been around for a year. I’m friends with the Black Keys, and they were nominated for the first time this year. And they’ve been around for a decade. That’s like half my life. So I really can’t be a brat about it. I plan on making a lot more records, and hopefully one of them will be Grammy worthy.”

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