John Travolta Lounging In Hawaii Sans Hairpiece (Photos)


Actor John Travolta has obviously worn a hairpiece for years, but hasn’t been photographed without one until now!   Check out Travolta in all his bald glory below!

John Travolta has sported a toupee for many years and isn’t normally seen without one.   But John went au natural during a family vacation in Hawaii.

Travolta spent the day with his wife Kelly Preston and daughter Ella in Hawaii where he was celebrating his 57th birthday.

The actor enjoyed relaxing in a hammock while his wife and daughter enjoyed a swim in the ocean.

In 2008 Travolta shaved his head for his role in “From Paris With Love”, but had a toupee back on just days afterwards.   John said of the bald look, ” [I like it] a lot, because it’s a bald look and it allows me freedom to be bald.”

Maybe John has decided to ditch the fake hairpieces now that he’s turned 57.   What do you think of Travolta without his toupee?   Check out a bald John Travolta below.

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