Jessica Hahn Talks Smack To Barbara Walters (Video)


Jessica Hahn was a guest on “The View” on Tuesday when she insulted Barbara Walters, but the talk show maven put the whore right back in her place.   Check out the video here.

Jessica Hahn was on “The View” as part of the show’s ‘Where Are They Now” series, but things got ugly after Sherri Shepherd asked Hahn about her sexual encounters with former evangelist Jim Baker.

Hahn’s affair with televangelist Jim Baker hit headlines in 1987 when it was revealed that Hahn had been paid to keep quiet about sex with the preacher.

Jessica, now 51, always has claimed the incident was rape but Shepherd asked her about her “affair”, which ticked her guest off.

Hahn took offense to the comment and then decided to personally attack Barbara Walters. Hahn stated, “In your book ‘Audition’ you had an affair with the senator”.

Walters did admit to having an affair with Senator Edward Brooke in her autobiography in 2008.   But Barbara replied, saying, This is about you, my dear. This is not about me, okay? I’m very happy talk about my relationships, but this is about you”.

Check out the showdown between Hahn and Walters on “The View” here:

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