Jenny McCarthy Keeps In Shape With Lots Of Sex


Jenny McCarthy says she keeps her slender figure by having lots of sex!

Jenny McCarthy, 38, began dating sports agent Paul Krepelka after her sister introduced them and says she has him to thank for keeping her in shape.

Jenny says, “I didn’t have to work out before 35 but now I have to so it’s treadmill, bikram yoga, watching what I eat and of course great sex. Lots of great sex!”

Jenny split from actor/comedian Jim Carrey last year after five years of dating and admits she enlisted help from friends to help her find a new man.

McCarthy reveals, “I went on a few blind dates – I didn’t trust myself with picking guys anymore so I asked my friends to just set me up on lots of dates so I went on one after another and they were hilariously disastrous.

“They were so creepy and gross, they wanted me to get autographs from celebrities. You can’t date a guy who also wants your autograph. You need someone who doesn’t mind you without the make-up, with zits and bloatedness.

“But I did meet my new latest squeeze on a blind date.”



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