David Letterman Tries To Make Paris Hilton’s Boyfriend Jealous


Paris Hilton made an appearance on the “Late Show With David Letterman” to promote her new iPhone app, but Letterman found it entertaining to make Hilton’s boyfriend jealous.   Check out Paris’ interview on Letterman here!

Paris Hilton appeared on Letterman’s late night talk show and showed him her iPhone app that allows you to superimpose a photo of Paris onto a photo you take of yourself.

David Letterman proceeded to try and make Paris’ boyfriend jealous.

“I wonder what the boyfriend thinks of this shot,” Letterman said of the first photo, showing her leaning provocatively toward Letterman as he had a big grin on his face.

The cameras cut to Cy Waits, who appeared a little uncomfortable, which just prompted Letterman to continue taunting him.

Letterman posed for another picture and then stated,   “Mr. Big Shot back there in his Members Only jacket,” he said smugly, “But look what I have for you.”

David pulled out a huge bouquet of flowers and handed them to Paris as he stared at Cy Waits.

Here’s Paris on Letterman:

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Images: wenn.com


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