CBS Correspondent Lara Logan Sexually Assaulted In Egypt


CBS chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan was reportedly attacked and sexually assaulted by a mob in Egypt on the day Mubarak stepped down.

Lara Logan was covering Tahrir Square for “60 Minutes” last Friday on the day Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak stepped down.

The reporter and her team were surrounded by a mob of over 200 people and became separated from one another.

Lara was sexually assaulted and beaten in the incident.

She was reportedly saved by a group of women and a around 20 Egyptian soldiers who came to her rescue.

The reporter was escorted back to the hotel base camp and fled to United States on the first flight out in the morning.

“There will be no further comment from CBS News and Correspondent Logan and her family respectfully request privacy at this time” the network release said.

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