Valerie Bertinelli & Tom Vitale Married!


Actress Valerie Bertinelli married her longtime boyfriend Tom Vitale on Saturday night at her home in Malibu.

“Hot in Cleveland” star Valerie Bertinelli, 50, tied the knot with financial planner Tom Vitale, 49, on Saturday evening in front of around 100 guests.

Bertinelli’s wedding ceremony was held in their home, with Valerie’s ex-husband Eddie Van Halen and their son Wolfie, 19, in attendance.

“We’re so happy!” Valerie said of their wedding.

The actress met Vitale in 2004, and they became engaged in March while vacationing in Italy.

Valerie spoke about her life with Vitale in AARP magazine stating, “After Ed and I separated, I thought, ‘I’ll finish raising my son, and I’ll go away, have about 40 cats, and just get nice and fat.’ I thought I would be alone for the rest of my life….[Now] I can’t imagine my life…till the day I die, without him….Marriage at this age is so much different than when I was first married at 20. I feel incredibly lucky because here I am [at] 50 and I feel like I really am in the prime of my life.”

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