Selena Gomez Receiving Death Threats From Justin Bieber Fans


Selena Gomez has received death threats over Twitter from jealous Justin Bieber fans, after news of a possible relationship hit the news.

Selena Gomez has become the target of crazed Justin Bieber fans, who are threatening her on Twitter.

Disney actress and singer Selena Gomez,18, is rumored to be dating the teen star after they have been spotted together several times recently.

Now Justin’s fans are taking to Twitter to threaten Selena.

One posted: “I’ll kill you I swear on GOD!!!!(sic)”

Another angry fan wrote: “If you are the Girlfriend of Justin I will Kill you I HATE YOU :@ !!!(sic)”

And another message stated: “w***e cancer w***e. Iike i’m kill myself cuz i saw you and Justin kissing well thankyou Selena thankyou now i’m killing myself (sic).”

Selena and Justin have denied they are in a relationship.

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