Pamela Anderson Left “Shaken” After Stalker Incident


Pamela Anderson was not hurt but was left quite shaken after a stalker tried to get close to her on a train in England.

Pamela Anderson had quite a scare in London after a crazed stalker confronted her on a train.

The sexy actress was followed by a young man at Liverpool Lime Street train station in London after performing at a Christmas show.

The unidentified male followed Pamela, 43, along carriages in the train, but police halted the man by blasting him with pepper spray.

A statement from British Transport Police said, “The man became verbally abusive to rail staff when he was asked to produce a ticket. British Transport Police attended and the man became violent and assaulted an officer and was arrested.

“Officers were forced to use capture spray as the man resisted arrest.”

An eyewitness on the train said of the incident, “A load of them jumped on him and sprayed him before hauling him off by his arms and legs.

“She was shaken up, but glad he was taken away before anything happened.”

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