Octomom Nadya Suleman Paying Bills By Filming Fetish Videos


“Octomom” Nadya Suleman has been having financial problems and has apparently taken a job filming fetish movies. The film features the mom of 14 spanking a man dressed as a baby.

“Octomom”   has found an interesting way to keep her financially afloat!   Instead of getting a regular job like most people with 14 children would…Nadya has made a dirty video where she is spanking a man dressed as a baby.

Nadya Suleman reportedly made the fetish movie in her Los Angeles-area home, in what appears to be her children’s playroom.

“Octomom” donned a tight black corset and is spanking an adult male, whose role is played by a radio personality named Tattoo.

TMZ has released a clip of the video where Nadya prances after the baby as he cries, “Tattoo want spanky”.

It appears as if Nadya is one step closer to joining the porn industry.

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Images: TMZ


  1. This is just absolutely disgusting! Where the hell are her kids!! I hope that child services intervene.. If she was seeking media attention for this stunt then she has one that one.. absolutely sick…


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