Melissa Etheridge Dating Ex Tammy Lynn Michaels’ Best Friend


Melissa Etheridge and her “wife” Tammy Lynn Michaels split in April 2010, and the singer has reportedly found love with Tammy’s best friend, Linda Wallem.

Grammy-winning singer Melissa Etheridge had a nasty split with her wife, Tammy Lynn Michaels, last year and is now having a “hot and heavy” relationship with Linda Wallem.   Wallem is a Hollywood producer of such shows as “Nurse Jackie” and was Tammy’s best friend.

“Linda’s been talking constantly on the set about how she and Melissa are in love and in a committed relationship,” an insider revealed.

The new couple have known each other for years, with Linda even involved in the former couple’s wedding in 2003.

“In lesbian terms, Linda was the “˜best lady,'” the source said. “Now she’s taken Tammy’s place.”

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