Ke$ha Sued By Former Managers For $14 Million!


Kesha aka Ke$sha is being sued for breach of contract to the tune of $14 million!

Kesha’s former managers are suing the “Tik Tok” singer for $14 million for breach of contract.

The singer, 23, signed on with DAS Communications in 2006 and left to work with producer Dr. Luke in September 2008.   Now DAS is suing her.

DAS claim that she originally agreed to give them 20 per cent of her future earnings, with the option to end the deal if she didn’t land a major label record contract within a year’s time.

Kesha did not sign with a major label during that time but DAS insists they continued a working relationship with Kesha until she met Dr. Luke, who allegedly “induced, intimidated and convinced Kesha” to cut ties with them.

The legal documents stated, “Although she has made an incredible amount of money in a very short period of time, in large part due to DAS’ efforts on her behalf, she could just as easily lose money if not properly guided.”

DAS’ attorney, Ken Freundlich, stated, “DAS was Kesha’s manager since the beginning of 2006, and there was a written agreement, and they worked closely, and sometime in September 2008 Dr. Luke, for his own personal gain, somehow induced her to breach that contract. And she unceremoniously terminated DAS without justification and then ended up with Luke, basically.

“We’re going to have our day in court. And we’re going to prove that Dr. Luke induced her to breach the contract. She had no right to do so, and we’re going get damages from her.”

Kesha’s lawyer, Charles Ortner said, “This lawsuit seeks to require her to pay DAS head David Sonenberg commissions on her RCA/Jive record deal that he had nothing to do with, long after she terminated him in writing.”

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