Jim Carrey’s “Black Swan” Parody on SNL (VIDEO)


Jim Carrey started SNL’s year off with a bang as host of the show, even clumsily dancing in a funny parody of “Black Swan”. Check him out here!

Jim Carrey did a funny parody of “Black Swan” on last night’s Saturday Night Live.

Carrey strutted around in a black tutu and stated, “Get ready to rock, bitches.”   Jim flailed about while doing his best Natalie Portman “Black Swan” impression.

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Images: wenn.com/SNL


  1. Jim Carrey surely is a man of many talents. Firstly I thought "ok another comedian…very crazy comedian but hey a comedian". He later on did create a few very high quality flicks ( The truman show.. ) where he showed another side, a more "sane" side. But he really cant fool anyone, cause when he has a chance to go all looney…he will 🙂 This is the embodiment of that thought. Crazy…


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