Jesse James Says Kat Von D Is His “Other Half”


Jesse James and tattoo artist Kat Von D are still going strong, with Jesse stating she is his “other half”.

Jesse James, 41, has recently taken to his Twitter to express his love for Kat Von D.

“I have never felt so loved!” Jesse tweeted on January 9. “I’m the luckiest MoFo in the world!”

A few days later Jesse wrote to Kat that “48 hours away from you feels like a year…you will never be anything but beautiful to me.”

Kat replied to the “Monster Garage” star,   “It feels like eternity to me. What are we gonna do? I’m not a stage-five-clinger, but I need you around me, babe.”

The couple attended the Art of Elysium Heaven Gala in Los Angeles together on Saturday and Kat, 28, thanks Jesse for “always supporting me and believing in everything I do. But most of all, thanks for being my best friend.”

“You make it so easy to do everything I can to show you how amazing you are,” James responded. “I see it as clear as a bell. My other half.”

It looks like Kat and Jesse are getting serious!

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  1. Yes I have seen the tweets; I so badly want to send one back asking why they feel like they have to proclaim their love so publicly. It's nauseating. Me thinks they proclaim too loudly & too much. blech! I don't want to be inflammatory-let continue to make fools of themselves, blech!


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