Jason Davis Slams Family In Post-Arrest Statement


Oil heir Jason Davis has accused his own relatives of setting him up after his arrest on Thursday.

Troubled socialite Jason Davis has lashed out at his family following his recent drug arrest, claiming that a family member planted narcotics in his home.

Davis was arrested in Newport Beach, California on Thursday night and is now facing a charge of possession of a controlled substance.   He was released on $20,000 bail.

Jason Davis believes his family phoned police and released details in order to boost their public image.

Davis says, “I am shocked that my family would once again alert the police, and media, about a personal family matter simply to promote their own public image. You don’t see Charlie Sheen’s family calling the cops on him.”

Jason also adds that the drugs were planted in his home, adding, “Authorities are investigating whether a certain family member planted the drugs in my home.”

Davis’ arrest came just a day after his appearance on a reunion special of “Celebrity Rehab”, which he starred in last year to get help for his addictions.

On that show, Davis said he had been clean since his stint in rehab.

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