Howard Stern Takes On Piers Morgan (VIDEO)


Radio show host Howard Stern, 57, had an entertaining interview with Piers Morgan on his new CNN program.   Check out Part I of his interview here.

Shock jock Howard Stern appeared on Night 2 of Morgan’s new CNN interview program.   It was an interesting interview as usual with Stern.

“I want to congratulate you on unseating a 95-year-old man,” said Stern. “Poor Larry King is sitting home right now pulling what few hairs he had in his head out right now. “

Stern went on, “I like you. … But who the hell knows what you’re going to do on here. They tell me you’re a journalist.”

“I was a journalist for 25 years!” said Morgan.

“OK. But people in America don’t know that. What is your background? Tell the world,” said Stern.

“I’m doing the interview, Howard. This is not your show. I’m in charge!” Morgan stated.

Stern replied, “As I said to your people, Piers was in England. To be successful in England — very nice. But England’s the size of Philadelphia. To conquer England it takes about two days.”

Morgan slapped back at Howard saying, “You call yourself the King of All Media. You don’t even have kings in America. You’re not allowed to be a king.”

Howard said he wants Piers to do well but added, “I heard a rumor that you were going to challenge me today. You wanted to be confrontational. You were going to say YOU are the best interviewer in the world. I’m glad you’re confident. My friend, you have a lot to prove here. Here’s my prediction: In three months you’ll have fired your talent booker… I said, the first week is great. You have Oprah, you have me. What’s going to happen three months from now when you’re interviewing Scott Baio? Who’s gonna care?”

Howard had a question for Piers, “How big is your penis?”

“Bigger than yours!” replied Morgan.

“Big deal. Nothing to brag about,” said Stern.

Here’s Part I of Howard’s interview:

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