Holly Madison Wants To Visit Hugh Hefner At Playboy Mansion


    Holly Madison wants to return to the Playboy mansion to visit one-on-one with Hugh Hefner.

    Reality star Holly Madison, 31, who dated Hugh Hefner until 2008, says she’d like to return to the Playboy mansion to talk with Hefner.

    She said: “I’d love to stop by the mansion at some point in the day when no-one’s there and visit Hef’ and all the animals that live there. We talk on twitter sometimes.

    “Kendra, Bridget and I are all far apart now but we speak all the time. Kendra’s baby Hank just had his first birthday so we’re trying to plan a trip to Disneyland.”

    Holly has admitted she finds it “weird” her current roommate Claire is dating Hugh’s 19-year-old son Marston, who she has known since he was a child.

    Madison reveals, “My new roommate Claire is actually dating Hef’s son Marston. I believe he’s 19 now and Claire is 18 so that’s so weird to me. He’s in Los Angeles but he comes up to visit all the time, he’s back and forth.

    “It’s weird to me because I’ve know Marston since he was like 12 and in my mind he’s still like 12. We do have girl talk about it though.”

    Holly recently let her true feelings be known about Hefner’s engagement to Crystal Harris.   We’re certain Crystal won’t be too keen on Madison’s visit with her fiance.

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