Holly Madison “Surprised” By Hugh Hefner’s Engagement


Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris announced their engagement over the holidays, which left the world wondering what Hugh’s former main girl, Holly Madison, thought of the news.   Now Holly is opening up about her feelings on his engagement.

Holly Madison, who made it very obvious she wanted to marry Playboy’s Hugh Hefner years ago, is opening up about how she felt when she learned of Hugh’s engagement to Crystal Harris.

“I’m very surprised,” Holly stated.

Madison said, “I have a lot of different feelings on it. I don’t just feel one way. I kind of didn’t want to put a generic statement out there like ‘Congratulations!’ because I felt everyone would see through that.”

If you happened to watch the “Girls Next Door” show, you know Holly finally called it quits with Hefner in 2008 when he wouldn’t commit to marrying her.

“I expected to spend the rest of my life with her,” Hefner said at the time of their split.

Holly actually met with Hugh and Crystal at the Playboy Mansion to talk things over saying, “I wanted to see him and Crystal and tell everybody face-to-face how I felt.”

The interesting moment was captured for her reality show “Holly’s World”.

“After I heard about it, I wanted to save my feelings for the show,” Holly, 31, stated. “I wanted to confront Hef and just get all my feelings out there rather than make a statement.”

The episode where Holly confronts Hef will air on January 29 on E!, so “everybody will know” how she feels about Hefner’s upcoming wedding.

“It was definitely awkward, but good,” Madison said. “A lot of people congratulated him on Twitter, but for me, it was such a personal thing. I wanted to go there.”

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  1. Surprised? 🙂 Now that cant be anything else , than fake acting of some sort. How can you act surprised when you (although beeing the "top girl" ) share the man with 3 or 4 or 40 others. What did she expect? Hugh is "the man"..Living life to the fullest, because he just can.


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