Halle Berry To Play Aretha Franklin In Biopic


Actress Halle Berry is set to play singer Aretha Franklin in a biopic about her life and career.

The gorgeous actress Halle Berry will be playing Aretha Franklin in the upcoming biopic.

Halle has been cast to play Aretha as an adult but have yet to choose an actress to play Franklin in her earlier years.

Franklin revealed, “Halle Berry is me for the older me and a younger actress has yet to be named.”

Aretha, who is currently recovering from pancreatic cancer surgery, told The Wendy Williams show she has previously been in talks about a film of her life but they offers weren’t good enough.

The legendary singer said, “Yes for the last four years we’ve been talking about that and I’ve had a number of offers but unfortunately they were not good offers.”

Do you think Halle Berry is the best choice to play Aretha Franklin?

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  1. Jennifer Hudson? Fantasia Barino? Loretta Divine? Yes. But Halle Berry? Come on', someone tell me that this is a joke. They can't be serious. I know Aretha and she's no Halle Berry, never has been and never will be!!!
    Who's going to play Ted White?


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