Eva Longoria Hooking Up With Eduardo Cruz?


Actress Eva Longoria is apparently moving on from her split from Tony Parker after being spotted with Penelope Cruz’s brother, Eduardo.

Is Eva Longoria boinking Penelope Cruz’s hot younger brother Eduardo?   It appears so!

Sources report that Eva Longoria was spotted in her garage on December 24, wearing a short white robe.   Then Eduardo Cruz joined her, both walking around the garage barefoot.

“They were clearly very comfortable with each other,” a source revealed. “They started to rummage around in Eva’s Range Rover, getting some bags out.”

“He’s there at least three nights out of every four – he turns up and he leaves the next morning,” a nosey insider claims, adding, “They are trying desperately to stay beneath the radar.”

Eduardo Cruz is a singer and 10 years Eva’s junior.   But Eva’s rep says the two are “just friends”.   Of course!

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Images: wenn.com/news


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