Dr. Conrad Murray Ordered To Stand Trial For Involuntary Manslaughter


Michael Jackson’s doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, has been ordered to stand trial for involuntary manslaughter.

Prosecutors in LA have determined there is enough evidence to try Dr. Conrad Murray in pop star Michael Jackson’s death.

This decision was made after hearing six days of testimony from paramedics, forensic experts, and Jackson’s former employees.

In his closing statement, Deputy District Attorney David Walgren told the judge, “Michael Jackson is not here today because of the negligence and reckless acts of Dr. Murray.”

The defense filed a motion to dismiss on Tuesday but that was denied.   Judge Michael Pastor has ruled there is sufficient evidence to warrant a manslaughter trial.

Dr. Murray’s license to practice medicine has been immediately suspended.

In court, phone records showed Murray spent hours talking on his cellphone and texting when he should have been monitoring his patient.

If convicted Dr. Murray faces a maximum of four years in jail.

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